2655 5th Street NW
New Brighton, MN 55112

"I recently ran into Pam Carlson and said, "I know you. You were my children's preschool teacher." They are now 19 and 20 and both attend the University of Minnesota. Their success started with the help and direction of the unbelievable staff at Salem Covenant Pre School. Mrs. Carlson was a teacher to both of our children along with some of the other great teachers. They teach children how to follow directions, how to listen and follow rules. Children learn how to respect adults, teachers and other children. Bullying or disrespect to anyone is not allowed. The love of reading, drawing, music, singing, dancing, and pretending are encouraged. The love of God, family and self are reinforced everyday. Friendships with classmates have lasted through high school. Laughter and fun always happen, but some tears may happen. These tears are handled in a very warm, understanding and gentle way. In many cases, preschool may be the first time away from Mom and Dad. Your children will be safe and blossom. Be assured, Salem is the place to prepare your child for kindergarten. I am writing to let any parent feel very confidant that if you are ready to start your child on the journey with great expectations, Salem Pre School is the place to start."

Connie Rymarchick - Children in classes of 1997 through 1999